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How to Prepare for a Hiking Trip


With the summer travel season in full swing it is time to get back to nature and celebrate all it has to offer. Throw on those boots and get out there right? Wrong! You need to prepare for something like this; would you run a marathon without warming up? There are some things you should do to prepare yourself for a successful hiking trip.

Before you start any prep you should check with your doctor about the physical activity you are about to partake in. If you have a medical condition that may be aggravated by strenuous activity it is important to know what your limitations and risks can be, only your doctor will know that.

Now that you have cleared this endeavor with your doctor, it is time to start working yourself up to getting in shape for a hiking trip. You should start by going slow. It is important to work your way up; you cannot conquer a mountain in one day. Start with 15 minutes the first day and gradually increase the time, taking some rest days to allow your body to adjust.

It is also important to be prepared with the proper equipment. Make sure you have the right boots for hiking in different terrains. When you leave out for hiking travel light and only take a bottle of water and maybe some first aid items. You can work your way up to carrying a heavy pack. Also this is not a fashion show, wear the proper clothes or you will regret it, clothes that fit improperly will chafe and clothes that are made for everyday are not designed to keep your cool when your body heats up.

The cooler days of late summer and fall is a very enjoyable time top hike the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. There are many short day hikes available, as well as more challenging multi-day adventures where you may consider using a guide.

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