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4 Tips for Novice Scuba Divers

scuba diving

Scuba diving is a past time that has been enjoyed by many, but before jumping into scuba gear, it is a good idea to have plenty of knowledge on how all of your gear works, and all of the theory behind Scuba diving. These tips will ensure you and your buddy have a safe, fun time.

Scuba diving is a less common hobby, but knowing what to expect will help reduce stress or fear if this your first time swimming in a large body of water.

Understand the Equipment

First and foremost, have a clear understanding of how to use the air tank with your scuba gear. You will need this in order to breathe underwater, so safety is of the upmost importance. Check out this super helpful tutorial on eHow. Review your certification class manual to help you remember the subtle nuances of your equipment.

Test the Scuba Gear

Test the scuba gear in a pool or shallow-water first. Get used to swimming and breathing in the suit before heading into the tougher waters.

Only Dive When Healthy

Seriously, even if you have the sniffles, don’t go. It might seem like nothing, and everyone likes to be tough, but play it safe. Small illnesses on land are one thing, but underwater when your breathing is limited and air pressure is different, it can make for a much more difficult and less enjoyable experience.

Regulate Breathing

Don’t hold breaths in at any point; you’ll just use more air when you start breathing. Focus on slow, steady breaths at regular intervals to conserve air.